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In November 2011 H:MC21 appealed against the ruling of the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) on our advert in a Care supplement of the New Statesman, published in October 2010. In December 2012 we received the Draft Recommendation from the new ASA investigation.


H:MC21 trustees have pursued this case diligently, and they consider that it offers clear evidence that the Advertising Standards Authority is neither abiding by its guidelines, nor acting within its remit. It appears to be pursuing an ideological position of rejection of any advertising of homeopathy (or other complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) therapies) without regard for the available science.


As a result, H:MC21 is planning a protest outside the ASA offices in London when the charity is finally able to publish to the media the whole truth about this investigation. We call on all those interested in the right of patients to choose what medical approach to use for their own bodies to support this protest, especially homeopaths, other CAM practitioners, patients, and representative organisations. We shall set at date for the protest at the earliest possible opportunity.


H:MC21 would also like to raise a fighting fund in order to challenge the ASA’s decision, should that be necessary.


Information about our concerns at the ASA's handling of the appeal can be downloaded here.



Click here for background on the original case.


ASA Update 2013

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