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1.  What is “sugerpillery”?

This should be spelled ‘sugar pillory’, but it is very difficult to spell if you are a Flat Battery, as are words like “will” and “bring” and “submitting”. A sugar pillory is where sweet people are put by nasty people to have muck thrown at them.


2.  Then what is meant by members of the BHA being ‘trained doctors who dabble in sugerpillery’?

Flat Battery is particularly upset by conventionally trained doctors who have the energy to turn to homeopathy because they want to see their patients get better. Because of their caring attitude, these doctors are most likely to find themselves in a sugar pillory.


3.  Why does Flat Battery publish photographs without clearing copyright?

Perhaps it is because he has as little regard for civil laws as he does for scientific laws.


4.  Why does Flat Battery say H:MC21’s advertisement is ‘near-libellous’ when he campaigned to keep the libel laws out of science?

This is a tricky one. Because he is a liar? Because he is a hypocrite? Because he would like to be able to say what he likes, so long as nobody else can? Because, when it comes to it, he has nothing in his battery? Who knows really?


5.  Why do homeopaths call their profession into disrepute by protesting?

They don’t. They don’t even bring it into disrepute. Protesting and lobbying Parliament is part of our democracy, as is the right to decide for yourself what medicine you want to use. Flat batteries have trouble with ideas like democracy, freedom of choice and medicine.


6.  How can Flat Battery claim to know that H:MC21 ‘submitted absurdly long objections to the complaints’?

Well, since the ASA "can confirm that none of the complainants would have been given access to your responses and that the correspondence between us has been kept confidential”, he can't know how long H:MC21's objections were. So, is this hot air or a hot tip?


7.  If the ASA’s ruling is so unimportant, why did Flat Battery make such a fuss about complaining about H:MC21’s advertisement?

Good point! Most people would call this hypocrisy, but Flat Battery probably thinks he is being clever. Perhaps he thinks that people will stop making a fuss, so that he can then flop over at them and say “Ha ha! Fooled you!” and then make a big deal of how the ASA ruled against homeopathy.

D--- Bunny responds ...

Flat Battery or Le Canard Mort

Le Canard Mort
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