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The following pages explain more about Homeopathy: Medicine for the 21st Century (H:MC21).


In particular they explain why H:MC21 was established and who organises it now; what our aims and objectives are; and who supports what we are doing, including information about our patrons They also explain our privacy policy and where we stand on a number of other issues.


The pages are:


Overview: this page gives a brief outline of H:MC21's origins, activities, it plans for the future, its aims, and its funding.


Objectives: this page explains the purpose for which H:MC21 has been established.


Where we stand: This page explains where H:MC21 stands on a number of issues, including orthodox medicine, the UK National Health Service (NHS), evidence based medicine (EBM), and, of course, homeopathy.


Who we are: this page has biographies of the Trustees.


Our patrons: this page has information about out patrons, internationally renowned homeopaths Miranda Castro and Jeremy Sherr.


Our privacy policy: this page explains about the protection we give to those signing the declaration, or giving us their details in order to be kept in touch with H:MC21 activities and news.




If you would like to support what we are doing financially click here.


If you believe that you can help us in any  other way, please contact us at:



About Us

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