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The vast majority of patients are not  homeopaths. Also, homeopaths often take up this profession after they have done other types of work. In other words, those who benefit from homeopathy have skills which can help us defend homeopathy from attack.


We are asking you to support us by giving us some time and some money, but not more than you can afford. Just one hour and one pound per month could turn H:MC21 into a major force for homeopathy.


You can also advertise our work by wearing a "Homeopathy Worked for Me!" badge.


We have a leaflet you can download, print out and give to people too. It's not fancy (yet), but it has the arguments and is fully referenced.


One Hour per Month

Almost everyone who supports our aims could spare one hour each month to help our work. This could be used to get information for us, contact people, help with research, or spread the load of the many tasks a campaign produces.


Gradually the organising committe will contact all those who have offered an hour with clear tasks and the opportunity to discuss a timetable for completing them.


If you have a specialist skill, you might want to offer to do a particular task which would take longer than an hour, but then do nothing for some months. For us, the key idea is that we should be flexible and efficient about using the resources available to the campaign.


However you can help, please fill in the contact form below to let us know.


One Pound per Month

Almost everyone who supports our aims could also spare one pound each month to help our work. With around 6,000 people on our mailing list, just one pound a month could give us the financial security to organise meetings and campaigning on a much larger scale.


If you can give more, then please do. Some of our supporters cannot even afford one pound; some do not live in the UK, and so cannot give us sterling. What matters is that together we can achieve more than we can individually, and that we need to have the finacial muscle to combat the propaganda against us.


All the information about donating is on the Donations page.



If you have an idea for what H:MC21 can do, then contact our organising committee and tell us about it. With up to 6,000 hours per month, we could do a lot more than we have already.


Remember H:MC21 aims to be your organisation, fighting for your right to homeopathy.

How to help

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