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On this page you will find documents you can download to use in supporting this campaign.


Please click on the titles below to download the documents you need. There is also a wealth of information on other pages on this website.

Leaflets about our campaign


Defend your right to hear the truth leaflet.

Stop ASA distortions leaflet.


Resources if you are gathering donations:


Donation sheet

Gift Aid form


Resources if you want to blog or defend homeopathy:


Homeopathy research

Advice on arguments for homeopathy

Briefing notes on homeopathy for MPs

Advice on blogging about homeopathy


Please remember to send any replies from an MP to:



          Poppyseed Cottage

          High Street

          Stoke Ferry


          PE33 9SF

Resource Pack

Public Leaflet 12-6-25 Front
Defend Your Right Front
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