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H:MC21 is a charity and relies entirely on donations for its funding. Details about how donations can be made are given below.


Gift Aid

Donations by UK taxpayers can be declared as Gift Aid, which enables H:MC21 to get an additional 28% of the donation from the government so why not download the Gift Aid form, fill it in, and send it off to the Treasurer.


Ways of making donations

Donations can be made on-line using Paypal or by post:

  • Through PayPal Giving

  • Through Paypal generally

You can donate by Paypal here (You do not need a Paypal account):


By standing order

By making a monthly payment of one pound (or more if you can afford it), you make sure that we have a regular and predictable income. This will mean that we can plan more activities knowing that we will have the funds to pay for them.


In particular:

We will be able to organise regional meetings and pay for hire of a venue and publicity.

We will be able to send speakers to other events.

We will be able to improve the quality and accessibility of our websites.

We will be able to conduct more research.


You can download a standing order form here. It should be completed and sent to:

The Treasurer


Poppyseed Cottage

High Street

Norfolk  PE33 9SF


If you use online banking, you can set up a standing order for your account directly. Payments should be made to:


Account:              Homeopathy: Medicine for the 21st Century

Bank:                     Co-operative Bank

Sort Code:            08-92-99

Account No.:      65584341

By cheque

You can donate by sending a cheque payable to "Homeopathy: Medicine for the 21st Century", to:

The Treasurer


Poppyseed Cottage

High Street

Norfolk  PE33 9SF



Collecting Donations

You can collect donations from others using our donations sheet

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