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H:MC21 has produced a "Homeopathy Worked for Me!" badge.  These can be obtained by ordering through Paypal below, or by sending a cheque payable to "H:MC21" to:




            Poppyseed Cottage

            High Street

            Norfolk  PE33 9SF


To order by Paypal, click on the number below:



10 badges @ £5.00



20 badges @ £9.00



50 badges @ £20.00




Placard designs are downloadable here:


Homeopathy worked for me (portrait).



Homeopathy worked for me (landscape).



No monopoly in medicine.



Our health, our choice.



Listen to people, not propaganda.


Our Health b
No Monopoly in Medicine placard design. H_MC21, Homeopathy_ Medicine for the 21st Century.
HWFM Portrait
Listen b
HWFM Landscape


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