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Previous News Events


January 2012

H:MC21 publishes a review of the first English translation of Swiss Health Technology Assessment, which reveals that expert opinion considers homeopathy to be safe, effective and cost-efficient.


October 2011

The ASA issued its final ruling on the H:MC21 advertisements. H:MC21 appealed and is still waiting for the verdict of the Independent Reviewer.


July 2011

H:MC21 publishes Nonsense, Not Science, a critique of Sense About Science's approach to homeopathy.


October 2010

H:MC21 publishes two advertisements in the New Statesman. These lead to complaints from opponents of homeopathy and a 10 month investigation by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA). The case was handled so badly H:MC21 had to make a formal complaint, and the ASA was forced to make changes.

NHS Greater Glasgow and the Clyde Health Board are planned to scrap the rotation of junior doctors through the Glasgow Homeopathic Hospital. Our response is on the Commentary page.


June 2010

The Pharmaceutical Society of Northern Ireland (PSNI) has published a consultation paper. We made a formal complaint on the grounds that it breaches the PSNI's Code of Ethics.


April 2010

New video: The Plural of Denial is Not Science. Carol Boyce has made a video along the lines of Halloween Science, and this is available on YouTube. Watch and laugh at :


March 2010

The Royal London Homoeopathic Hospital is coming under threat as a result of the Commons Science and Technology Committee's Evidence Check 2: Homeopathy.


See the League of Friends of the Royal London Homoeopathic Hospital website.

Contact your MP


December 2009

HMC21 releases Report on Evidence to the Commons Science and Technology Committee

24-25 October 2009

HMC21 at CamExpo 2009


2 July 2009

HMC21 releases Pilot Survey of PCTs

31 May 2009

British Chiropractic Association v. Simon Singh. For full story click here.


19 April 2009

H:MC21 releases Halloween Science


11 November 2008

H:MC21 success at CamExpo 2008

H:MC21 first anniversary party


10 November 2008

New studies support homeopathy. For full story click here.


26 June 2008

H:MC21 granted charity status!


6 May 2008

New Toolkit available for homeopaths from 4H and Nelsons Pharmacy


22 March 2008

Homeopathy for animals under threat


28 February 2008

British Association of Homeopathic Veterinary Surgeons supports H:MC21


Miranda Castro has become a patron of H:MC21


Homeopaths from Europe, India, the USA, Australia and New Zealand are promoting H:MC21


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