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Welcome to H:MC21

Homeopathy: Medicine for the 21st Century is based in the UK and exists to campaign for homeopathy and to provide access to information and research for homeopaths, patients and others interested in supporting diversity in medical approaches.

As part of our work we provide information about the unscientific nature of the attacks on homeopathy, and on this site, on our allied one (, and in our newsletter we provide arguments, information and research for those who want to defend homeopathy.

Defending Choice in Medicine

As they say, in theory this “is like making a photocopy without an original”, unless the homeopathic process of potentisation enables water to record information about material placed in it.

This experiment follows in the footsteps of Jacques Benveniste, and it is a particularly striking demonstration of how it is possible for homeopathic remedies to be active despite not having any of the original material in them.

A guide to getting captions in English (of a sort) is available here.

Professor Montagnier has also been asked by UNESCO to take part in a symposium on this subject.
Read more about it here.

Freedom of Information Request – the result!

Thee DoH had claimed that "The majority of independent scientists consider the evidence for the efficacy of homeopathy to be weak or absent, and that there is no plausible scientific mechanism for homeopathy."

However, it turns out that the DoH has no evidence to support this statement!. Read more here.

New critics of the ASA

The authors of the Swiss Health Technology Assessment have criticised the ASA Ltd for lack of professionalism.

Read more here.

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