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About protesting

The protest is about the conduct of the ASA as an organisation, not about individuals working there.


As such everyone there should be courteous and willing to explain our case to anyone who asks, but there should not be any attempts to impose ourselves on people passing by, entering or leaving the building. Handing out leaflets is acceptable, and we will have a leaflet available.



We will have a dozen new H:MC21 placards available, but if people want to bring home-made ones, that is their choice.


Who is coming?

The range of people at the protest is likely to include a number of different CAM therapies, and both practitioners and patients. Many of the issues we are exposing are also relevant to other therapies, and we must be sensitive to this and supportive. This is not an issue for homeopaths only.


Even more importantly these issues affect ALL patients. In fact, the view the ASA is endorsing is much more dangerous to patients using orthodox medicines than it is to patients of homeopathy or other CAM therapies.

Public Leaflet 12-6-25 Front
Click here for the ASA leaflet

ASA protest information

We have provided a series of documents for supporters to use with their MP and others.

  • NEW  A template letter to the local press.

  • Feel free to add personal experiences to this.

  • A template letter to your MP.

Please remember to add your name and address with postcode, or your MP will ignore it.

In addition to the main points, feel free to select other points you want to raise, especially any personal experience of problems with the ASA.

A summary of H:MC21's concerns

These concerns relate to H:MC21's specific case, but we believe that they expose attitudes which are causing problems more widely.

  • The first page has the key points.

    • The following pages contain details for each key point, broken down into headed paragraphs.

  • Finally there are the notes and references.

    • A copy of the advertisement and its references

    • A copy of the complaints, including the two versions of one complaint.

  • A timeline of the case

    • This shows how much longer the ASA spent on the case than H:MC21

    • It also shows the timing of the formal complaint about the process

  • An outline of the progress of the complaints

    • This is an overview of the decisions made about the various complaints.


We shall also be publishing the full text of all our responses to the ASA as soon as the final adjudication is made.


Previous information about the case can be found here.


We consider that our case shows the extreme nature of the ASA's arguments, that the generic problems identified apply to the ASA's approach to other CAM therapies and their practitioners, not just to homeopaths.


We hope to see other CAM practitioners at both the protest and lobby.


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