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The address information for the declaration is held off-line and will be used solely to prepare a printed version to be handed in to No. 10 Downing Street.


Contact telephone numbers and email addresses will be used solely to inform people of events organised by H:MC21 and developments in the "Homeopathy worked for me" campaign.


Survey Methods (the company we use to collect and store signatures to the declaration “Homeopathy worked for me”) provides the following guarantee as regards the data stored:


At, perhaps the only thing we value more than your business is your personal privacy-which remains our top priority. We do not access your surveys, or respondent data.


General Security Policy respects your privacy concerns. We work to collect only as much information as needed to make your experience as secure, efficient and successful as possible.


Collecting Information

First, understand that will not use information from your surveys in any way. Any additional material you provide (such as text, images, email addresses, etc.) in your use of are accessible only to the account holder. Also, we do not collect personally identifiable information about you-except when you voluntarily provide it.

Privacy Policy

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