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H:MC21 is a charity established to counter the unfounded propaganda against homeopathy by informing the public of the facts about homeopathy and its historical and scientific relationship to orthodox medicine.

It will do this through research, publication and campaigning.

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Reading Sceptics have said that they are planning a protest outside a meeting organised by Thames Valley Homeopaths.

The meeting is on ‘Nursing Your Child Supportively Through Acute Illness’, and the speaker, Dr Jayne Donegan, is a GP and homeopath. She provided expert evidence on vaccination for a court case, and was subsequently forced to defend her evidence before the General Medical Council, when she was completely exonerated. Information about her case can be found here.

The meeting is on Wednesday 14 March at 7.30 p.m. at Wokingham Town Hall in Market Place, and Thames Valley Homeopaths would appreciate support. This could be any of the following:

  • Attend the meeting: it should be well worth the £10. Bookings can be made at

  • If you do not want to attend, you can help by leafletting those attending, and members of the public
  passing by. While Thames Valley Homeopaths would appreciate a show of support, they want it to
  be dignified and restrained, so they do not want people to bring placards or banners.

  H:MC21 has prepared a new leaflet in the light of the publication of the Swiss HTA. It makes it clear
  that there is expert evidence for homeopathy; that the opposition to homeopathy is a concerted
  campaign which is not based on expertise; and that there is no sound basis for an argument
  against homeopathy based on evidence from randomised controlled trials (RCTs).

  The new H:MC21 leaflet is available here.

  • Write to the News Editor of the Wokingham Times (Vicky Smith) at [email protected].
  The Wokingham Times published a report based on their press release and information from
  Thames Valley Homeopaths. This is available at:

  The H:MC21 letter is available here.

  • Write to your MP about the attempt to prevent homeopaths and GPs from providing information to
  the public. Your MP can be found at

  A template letter is available here.

  If you want to write your own letter, please emphasise that
  – the sceptics quoted do not have any professional medical qualifications
  – the speaker is a practising GP, a trained homeopath, and an expert on childhood vaccination
  – homeopathy is available within the NHS
  – a highly professional assessment of homeopathy conducted for the Swiss government
  concluded that it is “effective, under Swiss conditions safe and, as far as could be judged from
  the trial situation, also cost-efficient”.[1] As a result it has been incorporated in the Swiss

[1] Gudrun Bornhöft and Peter Matthiessen (eds), Homeopathy in Healthcare – Effectiveness, Appropriateness, Safety, Costs: An HTA report on homeopathy as part of the Swiss Complementary Medicine Evaluation Programme, trans. from the German by Margaret M Saar (Berlin, Heidelberg, New York: Springer-Verlag, 2011), p. 3.

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