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Homeopathy: Medicine for the 21st Century

Writing to your MP about the new Medicines Regulations

You can identify the name of your MP by using this website: http://findyourmp.parliament.uk/.


You can find out who sits on what committees by going to this website:



It is critical that you personalise your letter with your own views and experiences.


Keep the letter short (a page or less), and emphasise any points which are relevant to the particular MP.


It is not necessary or recommended to include all the text suggested here.  


I’m deeply concerned a draft proposal set out by the MHRA as part of its consolidation and review of the Medicines Act 1968 could have a significant impact on my ability as a patient to access homeopathic medicines in the UK.


In its current form section 10 of the proposal would only allow unlicensed homeopathic medicines to be bought directly from a pharmacist face-to-face, in effect outlawing the purchase of these medicines over the telephone or via online ordering. This would mean I would be deprived of the medicines that I have found to be so beneficial to my health.


There are only five homeopathic pharmacies in the UK, so most homeopathic medicines are ordered from these specialist pharmacies either by phone or via the Internet. Therefore the enforcement of section 10 in its current form will have serious consequences for the six million people in the UK who choose to use this form of complementary medicine.


If not revised the proposal would also have serious consequences for more than 2,000 homeopathic practitioners, many of whom would find it impossible to treat patients like myself because they can no longer obtain the appropriate homeopathic  medicine.  


I understand that a central plank of government health policy is to increase patient choice. Section 10 will eliminate choice for people like me who want to be treated with homeopathy.


I would like to call on your support in getting the Health Minister to revise slightly the proposed language of the revised Medicines Act to ensure that I have continued access to a full range of homeopathic medicines and my right to choose homeopathic treatment is maintained.  

Further information

Your MP can come along to Committee Room 6 between 4 p.m. and 6 p.m. to ask more questions about the purpose of the lobby.


Notes for when lobbying your MP on 4 July are below:


Other information to use when contacting your MP is available in the downloads below:



The House of Commons Library has produced briefing notes on the Regulations for MPs. These are heavily oriented to the propaganda against homeopathy. A critique critique of these notes can be downloaded below:




Earl Howe letter


A number of people have also received a standard letter originating with Earl Howe. We consider that the following points embody concerns with this response:


Homeopathic organisations took part in the MHRA’s process of public consultation, but the issues they raised do not appear to have been addressed.


Our concern is that the simplification and consolidation has revealed that the normal practice as regards the supply of homeopathic medicines has at some point become a contravention of the law.


At the same time the simplification and consolidation has revealed that the law prevents homeopaths from practising correctly by restricting access to remedies their patients may need.


As a result some changes in the regulatory framework are required if it is to be “fit for purpose”.