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H:MC21 is a charity established to counter the unfounded propaganda against homeopathy by informing the public of the facts about homeopathy and its historical and scientific relationship to orthodox medicine.

It will do this through research, publication and campaigning.

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Newsletter 30 April 2014

Taking on the ASA Ltd

Homeopath and H:MC21 Trustee Jenny Hautman received a complaint from the ASA Ltd. about her website stating that homeopathy ‘is sanctioned by the UK Government and the Royal Family, and has been an integral part of the National Health Service (NHS) since it was founded in 1948.’ Unassailably true statements, do we hear you say?

Jenny told the ASA Ltd that their objections to these facts were ridiculous, and that she would not change her website to comply with their views. The ASA Council (Chairman Lord Smith of Finsbury) duly ‘ruled’ against her. All excellent for Jenny: a letter from 16 of her clients published in the local paper, support from Frank Dobson MP, plus publicity generated online by the ASA Ltd, all led to a flurry of re-tweets with links to her site, and extra hits in Google Analytics.

Jenny’s Google ratings duly received a much welcome boost and helped find her a significant increase in new clients, and a number of lapsed patients returned. So the ASA Ltd’s activities can actually be excellent for homeopathy if handled appropriately, and long may this result continue. Jenny put an article on her website "Why I'd like to thank the ASA & the Nightingale Collaboration".

Jerome Burne
As homeopathy continues to spread around the world, and as the UK’s alleged ‘economic recovery’ continues, strikingly not matched by its export figures, it may be prudent to ponder just what effect the ASA Ltd. (plus certain others) may be having in denigrating the UK’s reputation abroad for scientific integrity.
Medical journalist Jerome Burne is not convinced about homeopathy, but he clearly does not like the lack of integrity amongst its detractors. In a recent blog he has reacted to their attacks again.

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March 2014

The authors of the Swiss Health Technology Assessment tell the ASA:

‘Your writing does not even begin to approach a professional standard’

The Swiss Health Technology Assessment on homeopathy (HTA) formed a major part of the evidence that H:MC21 submitted to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) a year ago, that homeopathy has a track record of success in chronic disease.

The ASA wrote in their ‘judgement that the HTA publication did not contain ‘the kind of evidence we are looking for’, defined by the ASA as Randomized Control Trials (RCTs).

The HTA authors wrote a strongly worded complaint to the ASA chief executive, Mr Guy Parker, telling him that their book contained in fact over 100 RCTs. They also drew his attention to further ‘bizarre’ and false statements.

The story gets more interesting still. Mr Parker declined to answer both letters that the HTA authors sent him, delegating a Rob Griggs to reply in his place each time. Aside from his attention-grabbing standard of spelling (or misspelling), Mr Griggs seemed to believe that these highly distinguished researchers were complaining about the ASA’s judgement on homeopathy and H:MC21’s advert. As a fact, they said nothing about either, but confined themselves solely to the ASA’s misrepresentations of their book which they considered ‘defamatory’.

Is this the standard one should expect of a professional regulatory body? Or is this just an embarrassment to this country, and should one question whether the ASA, under its present management, is simply unfit for purpose?

You can judge this for yourself by reading the full story at

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