H:MC21 is a charity established to counter the unfounded propaganda against homeopathy by informing the public of the facts about homeopathy and its historical and scientific relationship to orthodox medicine.


It will do this through research, publication and campaigning.


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Defending Choice in Medicine

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Homeopathy: Medicine for the 21st Century


Because the attacks on homeopathy are taking several forms, H:MC21 has developed a number of different ways of helping supporters to respond. These approaches are listed and explained below:



The Declaration: "Homeopathy worked for me!"

The purpose of this declaration has been to give a voice to all those who have benefited from homeopathy. Some of those signing may have only used Arnica for a bruise, Calendula for a cut, or Apis mellifica for a sting, while others may have had years of professional treatment - it does not matter: if homeopathy has worked for you, you can sign the declaration.


The declaration has been handed in to Parliament now, but some people still want to sign it, you can still download the form here.




To advertise the campaign H:MC21 has produced a badge with both

the declaration and the website address on it. Wearing the badge

helps make people aware of homeopathy and encourages them to

ask for more information. Sales of badges also help to fund the



If you would like to order one or more badges click here.



Campaign website

H:MC21 has set up a website specifically for the "Homeopathy worked for me!" camaign. This has pages such as:

These are intended to give advice on how you can promote the campaign, and on how to answer the most common arguments used.


To go to the campaign website (www.homeopathyworkedforme.org) click here




In order to challenge the arguments against homeopathy H:MC21 is producing detailed information about homeopathy and its relationship to orthodox medical ideas. Some of this takes the form of website pages such as:

and some is included in brief in the Resource Pack and other Publications.


The other publications include detailed critiques of attacks on homeopathy in order to show that they are not based on scientific principles but on prejudice. The main one, dealing with all the arguments used against homeopathy is available to download free: Halloween Science


To download the abstract, summary or full version of Halloween Science click here.




H:MC21 is very concerned about attacks on the availability of homeopathy in the NHS. This is because the methods used by opponents of homeopathy have been propagandist rather than scientific, and have tried to use influence rather than public debate. We believe that were homeopathy to be driven from the NHS by these methods, all pretence at a scientific argument would disappear. The only argument which would be presented from then on would be "If it worked, it would still be in the NHS".


As a result we have already piloted a study of how the decisions on the provision of homeopathy are made by Primary Care Trusts (PCTs). That study has revealed that the overwhelming majority of those PCTs conacted had no information as to the competence of decision-makers to assess homeopathy. If this is the case across the country, it indicates that PCTs are vulnerable to pressure from ill-informed but influential critics of homeopathy.


To download the Report of the pilot study click here.



Commons Science and Technology Committee

H:MC21 made a submission to this UK Parliamentary committee, has reported on some of the evidence given to it, and has written a critique of the committee's report.


To download the Submission or Report click here.


To download the Critique, click here.