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Defending Choice in Medicine

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Homeopathy: Medicine for the 21st Century

BMA Protest on 29 June 2010

BHA key points for your letters:

  • Information about your positive personal experience of homeopathy.

  • Express your concern about the lack of patient involvement in these decisions even though it is the patients who will be the ones to suffer the consequences

  • The motions being put before the BMA will curtail patient choice at a time when government says it wants to widen patient choice and access, and encourage a patient-centred NHS, 

  • The motions being put before the BMA council are inappropriate and are outside its remit as a trade union.

  • The BMA has not consulted homeopathic doctors, professional bodies or patients before proposing such resolutions.

  • The motions fail to respect the professionalism of the BMA’s own members who also practice homeopathy

  • The NHS spends very little on homeopathy, but it often helps patients who have not been helped by conventional methods and who have chronic, multiple health problems. Since homeopathic medicines account for only 0.001% of the NHS drugs budget this is cost effective to the NHS.


H:MC21 template letters:

You can use these as they stand and just add information about your own experience, or you can alter them to suit yourself. Letters which are completely personal are better, but we don't want you to be stopped from sending any letter at all because you are not sure what to put.

Our Health, Our Choice placard design. H:MC21, Homeopathy: Medicine for the 21st Century. Homeopathy Worked for Me!

Contact addresses:

  • Your Local MP

You can find your Constituency MP's contact details at: http://findyourmp.parliament.uk/, in the Yellow Pages, or by phoning the Houses of Parliament Information Office on 020 7219 4272.


  • Minister of Health:

Rt Hon Andrew Lansley CBE MP,

Secretary of State for Health,

House of Commons,

London SW1A 0AA 

Email:           [email protected]


  • British Medical Association

Dr. Hamish Meldrum Chairman

British Medical Association

BMA House

Tavistock Square

London  WC1H 9JP

Email through their website:  http://www.bma.org.uk/ 


  • British Homeopathic Association

Email:           [email protected]

Telephone:  01582 408675

No Monopoly in Medicine placard design. H:MC21, Homeopathy: Medicine for the 21st Century. Homeopathy Worked for Me!

The British Homeopathic Association has called a demonstration outside the BMA  conference at:


          The Brighton Centre

             Kings Road, Brighton, East Sussex BN1 2GR


          9 a.m. Tuesday 29 June 2010



The protest is in response to seven resolutions being put to the conference, all of which are intended to restrict access to homeopathy. The full text of the resolutions can be downloaded here. It appears that the BMA has changed the Agenda in order to prevent the demonstration having an impact.


The British Homeopathic Association is asking for people to write to their MP and the Secretary of State for Health, and to copy the letter to the Chairman of the British Medical Association. We urge you to get everyone you know to join you in doing this, including people from other countries.

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To download the placard designs, simply click on the images.